Want to know more about how charities help in funding a Cubby Bed?

This article will discuss all you need to know about charities and how to successfully work with them. Included in this article are the following:

  • How does grant funding work through charities?
  • What charities have Cubby Beds worked with? How can I find a charity?
  • What are the things to consider when reaching out to charities? 
  • Alternative charity Ideas


How does grant funding work through charities?

Typically, grants are funds given by government agencies, foundations, or other organizations to fund specific projects, programs, or activities. They are usually given to nonprofit organizations like charities and may be used to support research, education, special needs communities, etc. 

Charities are whom we can partner with and it is best to reach out to them to assist you in funding a Cubby Bed!



What charities have Cubby Beds worked with? How can I find a charity?

Great news! Locating a charity that you can work with is EASY!

To get started, please refer to the list of charities below that we have successfully worked with. Simply click on the link for each charity to know more about the services that they offer and their contact information.

✅ Make-A-Wish

✅ Center for Head Injury Services (a division under The Center for Specialized Services)

✅ Chari-T2000

✅ Masonic Children & Family Services of Texas

✅ Civitan

✅ Easterseals

✅ Cerner Charitable Foundation

✅ Children's Miracle Network

✅ Michigan Elks Association

As an additional resource for charities, click here 👈🏼. Reach out to the organization of your choice, explain your situation, and they will assist you from there.


What are the things to consider when reaching out to charities? 

Do your research:  Be sure to record helpful information for your partner charity. This includes application guidelines and required documents for fund approval.

Bookmark: Follow the charities you apply to so that you do not miss future funding opportunities.

Call or Email: It's a good idea to call or email the appropriate contact person for the most up-to-date information on funding guidelines and application information.

Follow Instructions: Be sure to follow any instructions closely, especially deadlines. Charities typically require a quote or an invoice from us. We’d be glad to provide you with those documents. Send us an email at hello@cubbybeds.com.


Alternative Charity Ideas

Having some challenges working with charities? We got you!

If the option of reaching out to charities won’t work, there are several ways in which you can raise funds for a Cubby Bed. Please see below for some effective fundraising ideas. 

✅ Church donations: Speak to your pastor or church volunteer about what is needed for you to raise a fund. You can suggest unique ideas such as pledges, fundraising letters, etc. One local church in Bellingham, WA — Christ the King Community Church — has successfully helped a family fund a Cubby Bed.

✅ Local fundraising efforts: A variety of fundraising activities that you can do includes book sales, t-shirt sales, board game tournaments, charity theater events, local concerts, etc.

✅ GoFundMe - It is an online fundraising platform for individuals and groups. You create a campaign to tell your story and set a fundraising goal. Then, share your campaign on social media and accept donations through the platform. You can learn more by visiting their website.

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