What are the safety features of a Cubby? What are the safety features of a Cubby?

What are the safety features of a Cubby?

The Cubby has 4 essential safety features:

  • The safety sheet
  • Tension padding
  • Remote monitoring
  • Securing zipper pockets on all entry points

In this article, you will learn the importance of each feature and how they support keeping your kiddo safe.

Safety Sheet

A critical feature of the Cubby is that it eliminates the risk of entrapment and burrowing. The innovative design exceeds the FDA's 7 Zones of Entrapment guidelines and provides far more safety than traditional beds. Each Cubby Bed comes with a set of two (2) sheets that integrate and secure into the side walls of the canopy to keep your kiddo safe. They’re made of breathable microfiber and are available to order here. 


Tension Padding

The Cubby Bed does not use any foam or padding as this stuff can be harmful and toxic to not only the environment but more importantly, your kiddo. Instead, we’ve opted for a unique design in our canopy that we like to refer to as ‘Tension Padding’. The tension comes from the fabric used in the canopy being tautly stretched across our custom frame. It truly allows for a safe place during moments when your kiddo needs to release energy or cannot control their movements by cocooning them safely inside the Cubby Bed. 


A securing zipper pocket at each entry point

A feature designed specifically for those little Houdinis who seem to escape their rooms no matter what! Our zipper pocket allows you to safely secure your kiddo inside with peace of mind that they will remain in the Cubby Bed throughout the night. This feature is very beneficial to ease the concerns of families who have children that elope.


Remote monitoring

From a phone or tablet, moms and dads far and wide can check in on their kiddo to ensure they are safe and sound. The Tech Hub includes a 1080p camera that offers night vision, a feature for recording, and an option for a customizable grid that can track large movements inside the Cubby Bed. There is an app to set up notifications as well. If your child is up late, jumping around in their bed - you can receive a notification about that! 

There is also a 2-way mic inside the camera. Being able to remotely speak to your kiddo enables you to calm them down during harder-to-handle meltdowns and safely soothe them inside of their Cubby Bed. It also can be used to greet your child each morning before entering their room to provide them with a little independence if that is what your child needs. The wonderful thing is that all of these features are customizable to serve the unique needs of each child who has a Cubby!