What are the sensory features of a Cubby Bed? What are the sensory features of a Cubby Bed?

What are the sensory features of a Cubby Bed?

This article will provide more context on the sensory regulation features of a Cubby Bed. Such features include the following: 

  1. Tech Hub
    • Circadian light
    • Speaker with a sound machine

  2. Canopy
    • Dual fabric doors + mesh
    • Muffles sounds and customizes light input

Tech Hub

The Cubby Bed’s Tech Hub has great sensory features. The light from the Circadian Light fades out like a sunset which provides a psychological cue for kiddos to relax and sleep. In the same manner, the light slowly turns on like a sunrise which cues them that it is time to wake up. Extended use of circadian light has the ability to improve your kiddos' natural circadian rhythm! How cool is that?

Another sensory feature included with the Circadian Light is a built-in sound machine! This provides a customized calming environment unique to your child’s needs as well as muffles unwanted noise. There is also the option to connect your phone or tablet to play your child’s favorite music, sounds, or sleep stories via the aux input.

Parents know their kids the best — the Tech Hub is optional. The Cubby Basic is the option without the Tech Hub and includes a cover in its place that is made from the same durable fabric as the rest of the canopy.


One of the amazing sensory benefits of the Cubby Bed’s canopy is its Dual fabric doors. Each door has a heavy-duty mesh. The customized doors help in controlling light and darkness inside the bed. Also, the heavy-duty mesh and overall canopy limit the outside noise that cause possible disturbance to your child.