Getting a prescription from your doctor Getting a prescription from your doctor

Getting a prescription from your doctor

Having a plan and communicating effectively with your doctor is the first step to advocating for your child’s needs. The steps in this article will prepare you for your next appointment with your doctor and how to talk about the Cubby Bed for your loved one.

Step 1:

Decide which doctor you would like to write the 'Cubby Safety Bed' prescription and your Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN). Insurance prefers to see Letters of Medical Necessity (LMN) from an Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, or Neurologist. Don’t worry if your child does not have any of those providers; any Medical Doctor (MD) is qualified to write the prescription and LMN. The MD who sees your child most often is a great place to start!

Step 2

Please see the attached 'Cubby Bed - General Info' flyer below and print it. Share this resource with your provider to highlight the features of the Cubby Bed that you are most interested in. 

Step 3:

Call your provider's office to make an appointment to talk about your Medical Equipment Request.

Step 4: 

Before attending the appointment, be prepared to address the top three most important topics. Your provider will need this to start the process. 

  1. Share the 'Cubby Bed - General Info' flyer with your provider. Please see attached below. Simply explain your loved one's safety concerns and how the Cubby Bed can help address them. 
  2. Request a prescription specifically for a 'Cubby Safety Bed'. Either you or your doctor should send this document to the Durable Medical Equipment supplier you are working with. This prescription can be written on a regular Rx pad. Share the DME's contact information with your provider. 
  3. Kindly ask your provider for a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN). They can find a template to help them draft the letter on our website. Please click here to view the LMN resources we have. 

Step 5:

Attend the appointment! 🥳

Make sure to have the 'Cubby Bed - General Info' flyer with you as well as the contact information for your chosen DME to easily send the prescription over. 

Important note: Please ensure that your doctor's Rx specifies for a 'Cubby Safety Bed'. Otherwise, insurance/Medicaid may deny your request due to other less costly alternatives being available.

Lastly, we are here to help you throughout the insurance process! If you have questions, please email our Cubby Care Team at


Download the General Cubby Beds Flyers here 👇🏼