Welcome to the assembly guide for your Tech Hub! 🙌🏼

The Tech Hub Manual attached to this article will walk you through the steps to properly assemble your Tech Hub. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure a successful assembly.

Included in the Tech Hub Manual are the following:

  • User information + warnings
  • Assembly instructions + parts list
  • Technology Hub installation
  • Camera setup + how to use
  • Light/speaker set-up + how to use
  • Warranty + maintenance checklist

If you have encountered any issues during the assembly process, please refer to the troubleshooting articles included in this section. 

You can also check out philips.com for more set-up, controls, and troubleshooting information on the circadian light / speaker. 

Check out wyze.com for more set-up information on the Wyze camera.

Otherwise, feel free to reach out to our Cubby Care Team for further assistance. Send us an email at hello@cubbybeds.com — we're here to help!

Download the Tech Hub Manual here👇️