Cubby Basic vs. Cubby Plus Cubby Basic vs. Cubby Plus

Cubby Basic vs. Cubby Plus

Cubby Plus and Cubby Basic are the same bed with ONE big difference. 

Cubby Plus has the tech hub integrated into the canopy of the bed. Features of the tech hub include a camera, circadian light, 2-way mics, environmental sensors, a soothing speaker, etc. These are beneficial features that provide remote monitoring and soothing sensory inputs for your loved one.

Cubby Basic does not come with a technology hub at all. This is the reason the Cubby Basic is at a lower price point as well.

Every Cubby Bed order (either variation) approved by Insurance/Medicaid comes with the bed frame, tensioned canopy, safety sheets (2), aromatherapy sleep spray, and a mattress.

If you're planning to purchase out of pocket, the Cubby does not include a mattress. We offer quality mattresses that you can add on to your purchase or you are welcome to use another full-size mattress as long as it is 8' to 10' thick. Click here to view our available mattresses!

To help clarify the difference between a Cubby Plus and a Cubby Basic, refer to the table below.👇🏼

Features Cubby Basic Cubby Plus
Tensioned Canopy
Bed Frame
Safety Sheet (2)
Aromatherapy Sleep Spray
Environmental Sensors  
Camera + 2-way Mics  
Circadian Light  
Soothing Speaker