Would you like to know more about how waiver funding works for a Cubby Bed? 

This article will help you understand waivers and how to successfully fund a Cubby Bed using a waiver. Included in this article are the following:

  • What are waivers?
  • How can I find a waiver in my state? 
  • How can I apply for a waiver? 
  • How can I apply for waiver funds to get a Cubby?

What are waivers? 

Aside from charities, waivers are an alternative funding option that can help you fund a Cubby Bed. Waivers are funding programs that are available in each US state and allow your loved one to receive products or services that are not traditionally covered by your insurance/Medicaid. This includes safety beds like the Cubby Bed! The good news is that Cubby Beds have been covered and paid for by Medicaid waivers in 20+ states! 🎉


How can I find a waiver in my state? 

Having some challenges finding a waiver in your state? Not a problem! 

Listed below are a couple of resources that can help you locate a waiver within your state. Click on the links below to get started.

MedicaidWaiver.org - This website will display available waivers in each state. This will also display qualification guidelines, services offered, and limitations for each waiver.

KidsWaivers.org - Scroll to the middle of the page to select your state. Once you select your state, you will see each waiver's details by clicking the '[+]'. These waivers are also great to cover products and services that are typically denied by insurance/Medicaid.


How can I apply for a waiver? 

Once you have successfully found a waiver program within your state, check the application guidelines on their website. This will provide you with a step-by-step guide on what information and documents are needed to apply for a waiver. If the information is not available, it is best to reach out to them via phone call or email to gather as much information as possible.

As a reminder, the application process for a waiver will vary depending on the specific waiver that you’re applying for and the state in which you reside.


I got approved for waiver funds. How can I apply this fund to get a Cubby? 

The Cubby Care Team would love to assist you in the funding process!

Every waiver has a different funding pathway. To get the ball rolling, we need to confirm the following information below:

Is your waiver under the category of assistive technology, specialized medical equipment, home modifications, or safety equipment?

✅ Is it required to have a ‘denial’ from your insurance/Medicaid before funds can be applied? This is very common.

If this information is not available, please reach out to your case manager/service coordinator. And once we have determined your waiver coverage, we can now help you decide the products that are best for your loved one.

We'd be glad to provide you with a quote or invoice from us — just let us know! If you or your case manager have any questions, reach out anytime! Send us an email at hello@cubbybeds.com.

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